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Navigating Summer BBQs

Summer BBQs can be so fun! You are surrounded by friends and family, doing fun things (hopefully!), and- especially with summer holidays- you are in the sunshine! Going into the summer BBQ season, instead of feeling like you’re cheating on your "plan", here are some tips on navigating the BBQs, parties, and traveling.

Don’t Show Empty-Handed

Not sure what will be at the party you’re going to? Bring something with you! Use this as an excuse to bring a healthier alternative to the party, instead of just bringing enough for yourself. A huge salad, filled with colorful veggies is a great option, or a fruit salad for dessert. You can even bring your own cocktail ingredients. My favorite is the NorCal Margarita: Tequila, lime juice, and seltzer.

Plan Ahead

Even though you’re going to a BBQ, or even a different kind of party, don’t neglect your nourishment for the rest of the day! Prioritize veggies and protein at the beginning of the day, and make sure you’re not going out hungry. Nothing says bad news bears like a hungry person at a party. Keep your head clear, eat your veggies, and get ready to enjoy the company!

Grab Your Food & Go

Once you’re at the party, it’s REALLY easy to over indulge if you’re hanging out around the snack table the whole time. When you get there, make your rounds, say hello to your friends and family, and then go ahead and make a plate of food to snack on! Once you’ve made your plate, head away from the snack table and go mingle. Set yourself up for success- fill half your plate with veggies, and the other half can be a mix of the snacks you were looking forward to having!

Drink Up

If you’re looking to stay away from booze, you can opt for a non-alcoholic mixed beverage to help keep you in festive spirits. It can sometimes feel like you’re the only one at the party not drinking, and sometimes all you need is a cup full of something to keep your spirits high! Grab a cup and fill it with seltzer, lime/lemon juice, and some fruit (blueberries or raspberries are great). Your drink will be the best-looking in the house, and it won’t even put you off the challenge! If you are planning on enjoying some booze, make sure you are also getting in your water! For every cup of alcohol you consume, drink 1 cup of water.

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