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The OPEN is Coming! Maximize Your Success

For those of you that are in the CrossFit space, you may or may not already know this, but the 2020 Open is coming next week! But wait, aren’t we in 2019? Yes, but from here on out, the Open will kick off the Games season as the first qualifying event of the year, so it will be before any of the other events, aka the October of the year prior.

Over the past 6 years, I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard people say, “The Open is coming up, so I need to lose weight.” This, or some other variation of those words, comes out of almost everyone’s mouth right around the time of the Open, and it couldn’t be farther from the truth. The CrossFit Open is a worldwide online CrossFit competition that releases 1 workout each week for 5 weeks. There are two divisions- scaled and RX, allowing almost everyone to participate in some facet or form. This is the time to focus on pushing yourself and trying new things! This is not the time to put yourself in a calorie deficit or try a new diet.

If you are truly interested in improving your performance in preparation for The Open, here are some things you can do to ensure you are ready to hit the Open Workout hard each week:

  1. Sleep 7-9 Hours- getting enough sleep is crucial to your recovery, brain power, and your perceived exertion (aka how hard you feel like something is).

  2. Eat Carbs! Your body needs carbs to properly fuel and recover from high-intensity exercise. During the Open you are more likely to push yourself harder because of the atmosphere! This is great, but it also means your body will need more carbs to recover. Focus on high-quality sources of carbohydrates like rice, oats, potatoes, and try to eat them around when you work out (a little 1.5-2 hours beforehand, and some more after (~2 hours after).

  3. Drink Water! This is honestly something you need to be doing all the time (much like getting enough sleep), but it makes a huge difference when you are pushing yourself harder in workouts. Just because it’s getting a little colder outside, that doesn’t mean your body isn’t losing fluids when you workout. Aim for at least 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces daily. If you sweat a lot, you might need some more, so don’t stop there if you’re still thirsty!

  4. Eat Protein! Much like carbs, your body needs protein to recover from the intensity of the exercise you do! While you probably won’t be getting all that much stronger in the 5 weeks of The Open, you’ll still need adequate protein to recover from each of those workouts. In general, most people should be getting at least 1 serving (3-4oz) per meal, with 3-4 meals per day. If you are on the bigger side, you can put some more in there (3-4 meals), and if you are on the smaller side, you can make those portions slightly smaller (3 meals), but in general this is a good place to start. Try to aim for lean, high-quality proteins, coming mostly from animals and less from protein powders or processed foods.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but if you are looking to maximize your performance during The Open this year, this is a great place to start.

If you have more questions, or want more information on how to maximize your individual performance in The Open, or in general, feel free to reach out!


What are you hoping to achieve with this season’s CF Open?