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Cut The Crap: Part 2 (Traveling)

Traveling can be stressful. We can be so strong in our day-to-day routine, but the second we fall out of it- whether it be for work, or traveling for pleasure- we tend to let our health derail a little bit with it. There are some simple things you can do prior to traveling, and while you are on your trip to take some of the stress out of eating. Here are some tips to help you stay on track and stress-free this month!

Plan ahead- pack staple snacks that you can reach for when you’re hungry in the airport, on the train, or on your horse-and-buggy- however you’re traveling!

This also applies to meetings, and day trips- plan ahead and bring some snacks so you will be prepared when you need a little pick-me-up!

If you are really in a crunch, Starbucks offers some great snacks and meal options, and they are literally everywhere so you’ll always have that backup if need be.

Ideas: RXbars, Fruit, Jerky (without sugar), nuts, etc

Airbnb- booking an Airbnb with access to a kitchen is a game-changer- you’ll be able to cook your own foods, or even just store some healthy go-to snacks so you don’t have to worry about a quick bite.

Do Your Research- You generally know where you’re headed to, so do yourself a favor and look up what health food stores are close to your hotel, or conference center, or wherever you are staying. This way, if you need to run out for something, you are already prepared with the healthy options.

This also applies to going out to business dinners- look up the restaurant’s menu prior to going to the restaurant and be prepared with a couple of menu options that look like the healthier choices.

There is almost always an option for a healthier protein (grilled, pan-seared, sauteed), a salad (dressing on the side/ ask for just oil and vinegar), or another veggie option (grilled, steamed, or roasted)

UberEats/Meal Delivery- These are great resources, as you can view the entire menu before you order, which gives you FULL responsibility to make a healthier choice!

Failing to plan is planning to fail, so set yourself up for success on this next trip, and don’t be afraid to prioritize your health. It might just open some dialogue for you to help a co-worker or family member to prioritize their health as well.

If you would like some more guidance on any of these topics, please let me know! I’d love to help empower you to make the healthier choices so you don’t have to stress.

Want more information? Email coaching@thewca.fit

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